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End of Year Celebrations

End of Year Celebrations

December 2011

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On Sunday 11 December DBI members and friends offered a Long Life Puja ceremony, White Tara, to Khenpo Ngawang Dhamchoe, for his long and healthy life and for all the gurus. Around 30 people attended this ceremony. They gathered in the modest but beautiful gompa at the centre in Ashfield. A traditional Tibetan ceremony was offered, which included the offering of tea and auspicious rice and a formal mandala offering to Khenpo-la. This was a very joyous and heartfelt occasion, as Khenpo-la has touched the lives and helped so many people from all around the country this year, and overseas. He has taught more than ever before, making at least 20+ trips to various locations around Australia during the year to teach the precious Dharma.

Following the Long Life ceremony the skies opened up and a huge rainstorm swept through Ashfield, Khenpo thought this a very auspicious sign. A traditional Australian BBQ was then enjoyed by all present undercover on the back verandah. It was a very befitting celebration for what has been a remarkable year in the short life of DBI.



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