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Pilgrimage to India, Bhutan and Nepal - Nepal

Pilgrimage to India, Bhutan and Nepal - Nepal

November and December 2010

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In November and December 2010, a group of ten students travelled with Khenpo-la on pilgrimage to the holy places of Bodhgaya in India, Bhutan and Kathmandu in Nepal. It is a most fortunate thing to make a pilgrimage to the holy Buddhist sites, but to do so with one's teacher, to receive his guidance and instructions along the way, is indeed blessed. This was the 7th pilgrimage that Khenpo-la has undertaken with students.

During the pilgrimage, we made many light offerings throughout India, Bhutan and Nepal , particularly at the holy sites, including butter lamps lit and sponsored at Bodhgaya, on behalf of members of the centre and for the benefit of countless sentient beings. It was an extraordinary journey on many levels and the pilgrim group will continue to reap the benefits for many years and lifetimes to come.

Kathmandu, Nepal

We spent our third week in Kathmandu, where we visited several beautiful and special temples in the Kathmandu valley. Among them were Swayambhunath temple, Bouddhanath stupa, and Namobuddha stupa, about 40kms outside Kathmandu - Nepal's third major Buddhist pilgrimage site after Swayambhunath and Boudhanath. We managed to visit all 3 stupas in one day.

We visited the special Vajrayogini temple at Pharping and were very fortunate to be able to spend time reciting mantras in this temple. We also visited the Sakya monastery of His Eminence Tharig Rinpoche at Pharping, as well as another special site where an emanation of Tara is progressively emerging from the cave wall.

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