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His Eminence Ratna Vajra Rinpoche's long life prayer

His Eminence Ratna Vajra Rinpoche's long life prayer

which is known as 'The Truthful Words of the Accomplished Sage'

Pun tsog tse yi zi jin pag me gön / pun tsog tse jin lha mo nam gyal ma / pun tsog lha dang grub pa rig dzin gyi / pun tsog tag pa dam pe'i ngö drub tsöl

To the immeasurably majestic Master of sublime life, to Usnisavijayã, the exalted life-giving Goddess, to the illustrious gods and knowledge-holders, please bestow the attachment of sacred immortality.

Nga wang wang ju den pe'i sar wang gyur / ke kun kun ga'i lo dro kun gyi je / sri zhi'i nam dren dren chog dren pe'i tso / wang gyal gyal we'i wang chug zhab ten sol

Lord of voice, sovereign master of the enlightened stage endowed with the ten powers, Master of the intelligent ones who delights scholars, the principal leader amongst all the excellent guides of samsara and nirvana, may you, royal master, long remain.

Chog du gyal we'i sang sum rin chen dzö / jig dum jig me dor je'i ö nön gye / trin le nang we sa sum kun kyab chir / jam gön ten pe'i nyi ma zhab ten sol

The jewel treasure of the three secrets who fills all times and directions through spreading the light of the fearless vajra. In order to protect the three realms by your pure activities, may you, master Manjushri, long remain.

Tha le she jar ma tog kyen pe'i trul / je tsun jam pal yang dang gön po kye / chog men kal we nang dang nang min le / yer me ma we'i seng ge zhab ten söl

Though to the eyes of the fortunate and unfortunate you are seen as different, you are in fact none other than the holy master Manjushri, who undeluded knows all fathomless knowable things. May you, lion of speech, long remain.

Lab sum dri me kyen pe'i cha she dzog / dro we'i kyab gön tug je'i sil zer jen / dam pe'i tsul gu'i nu tob du tsi'i ter / tub ten wang chug tsug tu zhab ten söl

Having completely understood the three stainless trainings, you radiate the soothing rays of compassion to protect living beings, the treasure of nectar-like powers of the nine characteristics of holiness. May you, the prosperous Crown of Buddha's teaching, long remain.

Jam gön drub rig ser gyi tri zhing tser / trö zhi'i lam gyi ku zhi'i gyal tab la / wang gyur nor bu'i me tog kor lo'i gön / gyu de gya tsö'i dag nyi zhab ten söl

At the pinnacle of the golden vine-like lineage of the Protector Manjushri rests the all-powerful, jewelled flower, Master of all mandalas, who possesses the royal methods of the four bodies that accomplishes the path of the four ways. May you, Master of the ocean of tantras, long remain.

Chö sri dze trin ser gyi kor gyur la / nga' ö rin chen dun gyi ka lo gyur / la ma dor je srung me'i drog dön gyi / ta shi ge tsen yun du bar gyur jig

Through your turning of the golden wheel of spiritual and temporal activities, the wheel of the seven jewels flourishes, by the support of the teachers and vajra guardians, may the signs of virtue and auspiciousness long blaze forth.

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